Thursday, March 01, 2007

View from High Point in Tortola

Another amazing spot -- the view from up here near the West End of Tortola is fantastic -- the Virgin Islands are so beautiful!


Turinas said...

which direction is this looking?

Willie Waw said...

This is looking west -- Soper's Hole and West End are on the right. St. John is on the left and St. Thomas is hazy in the background.

The view the other direction is equally fantastic.

Turinas said...

Now it makes sense. Great shot. I love BVI. I learned to bareboat there about 12 years ago and have been back a couple of times. If you have the view going the other way or South towards Peter, Norman, etc , I would love to see it

Bruce Smith said...

I know this is off-topic, but did you see the news story last week about the two American cruisers who rescued some Haitian migrants after their boat had caught fire and blown up at sea? Bruce and Jan Smith are the two Americans! They tell the story of the tragic event and emotional rescue on their blog at, including some photos.

It’s really an amazing and heroic story we thought you’d find interesting, especially as a fellow sailing enthusiast. It also ponders a question every cruiser has probably thought about at one time or another … with the threat of piracy and other dangers when sailing miles offshore, would you risk your own safety to save someone else? The Smiths’ story provides food for thought.

Posted by Mike Bernstein of Bahama Breeze for Bruce and Jan Smith, who are currently anchored off Santa Barbera De Samana, Dominican Republic.