Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mahoe Bay Villas on Virgin Gorda

The Mahoe Bay villas on Virgin Gorda are in a great spot -- the beach is perfect for swimming and there is also wonderful snorkeling offshore.


Bruce Smith said...

I’m a fellow cruiser and fan of the Caribbean (including BVI!), and I thought you might be interested in my blog too. My wife and I are sailing to the islands right now in our hand-built 34-ft. gaff-rigged ketch. We began our journey in Gig Harbor, Washington, and just ventured through the Panama Canal. The islands of the Eastern Caribbean have been our second home, off and on for 30 years. There is nothing quite like the West Indies! We’re keeping our friends and family updated on our voyage and adventures along the way with our Web site and blog. Check it out at

(Posted by Mike Bernstein of Bahama Breeze for Bruce and Jan Smith, who are currently at Latitude 9.35 north and Longitude 79.42 west.)

Willie Waw said...

Thanks for the heads up on you voyage - have a great trip!