Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pride II Heading for the Great Lakes

The beautiful Pride of Baltimore II has just sailed back to Baltimore after spending the winter in St. Nazaire, France having her rig rebuilt.

Captain Jan Miles stayed with the ship until the construction was complete, then brought her from France to Lisbon where Captain John Beebe-Center took command and sailed her to the Canaries, Puerto Rico and back to the Chesapeake. Congratulations to all who were on the reconstruction team and those who sailed her back home.

After all the Volvo Ocean Race hubbub dies down in Baltimore and Annapolis, she'll be heading for the Great Lakes to join the 2006 ASTA Tall Ships Challenge Series. Host ports are Cleveland, Bay City, Green Bay and Chicago. Click on the ASTA link for more details on the series and on the Tall Ship Tracking link to follow Pride II's progress.

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