Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tall Ships: Elcano and Vespucci

The 4-masted square topsail schooner Juan Sebastian de Elcano is the naval sail training ship for Spain and the full rigged ship Amerigo Vespucci has the same duty for the Navy of Italy.

This photo was taken in Cadiz at the start of the Tall Ships 2000 race to Bermuda.

The 2006 Tall Ships Challenge Series will be in the Great Lakes and the 2007 series will be along the Atlantic Coast of North America.

Visit the American Sail Training Associaton (ASTA) web site for further information on the series.


EVK4 said...

think the elcano was worried about a wind shadow????

Willie Waw said...

Not for long! She scooted out from under the sloops and was off on the trans-atlantic voyage...