Monday, June 12, 2006

Elcano in Cadiz

4-masted topsail schooner Juan Sebastian de Elcano is the sail training vessel for the Navy of Spain. She is based in Cadiz and is shown here starting the Tall Ships 2000 race to Bermuda.

The ship was named for the Basque navigator who completed the first circumnavigation of the world in 1522. He was master of the Concepcion in Magellan's fleet. When Magellan died in the Phillipines, Elcano continued the expedition, arriving in Spain aboard the last of the 5 original ships.

For some great photos of the Elcano, link here.


Tillerman said...

These pictures with spectator craft around really put the size of these beauties into perspective.

Willie Waw said...

You are right -- the Juan Sebastian de Elcano is almost 306 feet in length -- most spectator boats will look small against her. The Kruzenshtern is even longer -- 376 feet!

The only traditionally-rigged ship that is longer is the Russian Sedov operated by the Murmansk State Technical University.